Viral Content Challenge — Campaign Analysis


  • My viral content challenge objective was to spread my photo by using my other platforms to promote4 my seemingly relatable tweet.
  • I promoted my image through Instagram primarily as well as on other twitter accounts with more followers.
  • In my Campaign, I aimed for simply 500 views, and 3,000 impressions



Twitter Webcard:
Twitter Ads Engagement:
Campaign Analysis: Overall, my campaign did not go how as expected. But rather than sit here and dote about how it did not go as expected, I decided to dissect the campaign and figure out what went wrong.
  • I think the first aspect that did not go as expected was the actual content of the meme. I guess it was not as funny as I expected it to be, and theoretically should have changed it or made a new one after seeing it was not doing so well on twitter without an ad campaign.
  • Something must have happened with my budget that did not go as planned. I put in 15 dollars as my budget plan, and although it incited thirteen new likes on my post, it did not give me any engagements and labeled my campaign as “exhausted”. I do not know how the budget was not used properly, but in the future I should make sure I handle this part correctly so I can actually see the finite engagements.
  • I should have timed the engagements right. My imgur did very bad, and did not hit my goal of 500, even closely. It only got 205 views, and 7 down votes. Even though I did try my best to advertise this on instagram, on twitter, and irl, it just did not seem to do well. I think in the future I will try to concoct a better starting meme, so the overall results will do naturally better, regardless of the engagements and so forth.

Final Engagement:

Twitter Engagement: Apparently 0, but 13 new likes

IMGUR: 205 views

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