Viral Video Challenge: Your Snack v My Snack

Background: My video is a comical comparison of what two different types of people might eat for a snack. The first left side shows cereal being poured into milk, which is what someone might normally go for while looking for a snack. The right side is coffee being poured into a concoction of donuts, M&M’s and pop tarts meant to illicit a reaction of disgust, yet laughter. My idea was inspired by videos on BuzzFeed video that do funny comparisons of what one person might go for versus another, like the “My Mimosa Vs. Your Mimosa Video.”

Goals and Objective: My goal for this video was to get published on the BuzzFeed BFF and BuzzFeed Food pages. My objectives were based on this goal and my analysis of how other videos on both those pages preformed. The metrics of videos on those sites varied, with one about mashed potatoes receiving 32 shares, and another about a pizza squad receiving over 2,000. Therefore, I set my objectives to 20 shares and at least 50,000 views.

Some people like healthy snacks. Others just don't care. Which one are you? Like and share if you can relate! #NHBuzzFeed

Posted by Jasmine Gomez on Wednesday, November 29, 2017


Metrics: I received 187 Facebook views, 3 shares, and 8 likes.

Analysis: My video felt short of my objectives since my objectives were based on being published to BuzzFeed BFF and BuzzFeed Food, which both have a wider reach than my personal Facebook. But receiving 187 views on my personal page and the 3 shares I did was more than I expected. I think the format of the video, a 12-second short meme video worked because it didn’t require people to commit to watching a full-length video. However, if I were to redo the video I would change the text above the video to something shorter and perhaps more universal like “Your Snack v My Snack,” or something along those lines. I would also maybe insert the call to action at the end of the video to see if that influences the performance of the video.

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