Viral Video Challenge

In my personal experience my mom used to make these for my siblings and I as we ran out the door on the way to school. It was a delicious not too healthy not too unhealthy breakfast that my mom could convince us to eat, in order to make sure we ate the most important meal of the day. Obviously my goal for this video is the Million Dollar ‘A’, however I will settle for being promoted and seeing at least one of my friends unknowingly share my video on Facebook or through their own social media.

Having shared my video on three different media platforms. Youtube, BuzzFeed, and eventually Facebook, I will be able to use the Dashboard, and Facebook Business in order to track the views that my video garners. First I uploaded the video to YouTube, and in 48 hours only have 1 view that I think might be me. Next I turned to the BuzzFeed Community and shared it there with a much better response. In 48 hours it has received a 6x social lift, 3 seed views, and 15 viral views. 18 views in two days. So not finding much success the next day I posted it on Facebook and finally got the views I was hoping for. In only 24 hours, the video received 50 likes, 1 share, 3 reactions and 17 comments. Being only one day I do expect to see an increase in views and hopefully shares, however have already seen a change in my viewers, because I know a couple of my buddies went on the tasty website for dinner tonight and made an attempt at a chicken parm pizza, and I actually think it went pretty well. Seeing that I actually did inspire someone to go onto BuzzFeed and Tasty was a good feeling.

Having had some time to step back and look at the video I made, obviously there are some things I would have done differently. For starters, I did have a shot chart planned out however not everything goes perfect the first time, and I wish there was a way to clean or re-put together foods once you shot the first take. Also I wish I shortened the toaster scene or set the toaster to a higher number so it goes quicker, I was just afraid to burn them. The video and set looked a little messier than I had realized the more and more I watched it, and I wish I had multiple cameras when I shot so I could have gotten more detailed and close up shots. And then the comments started rolling in. I learned a lot about the video and what people like and didn’t like from the comments. Some nice members of the community helped me realize that cleaning up the plate a little and removing a piece of Banana was not a good idea and people did in fact notice. The second good point that someone made was I wish I was prepping other food while the waffles were toasting to buy some time. All that being said, I was impressed by how close I could get to a real tasty video as well as the actual number of responses and reactions that I got, not only online, but in person too.

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