Water is Boneless Soda-NHBuzzFeed Viral Content Challenge



The background behind this tweet comes from a personal experience I had with a current co-worker. I was working at the Carrier Dome one night during a SU basketball game, and I was enjoying a cup of Sierra Mist. I was talking to another co-worker about how I shouldn’t be drinking soda I should be drinking water instead. Then we started discussing how water is healthy. Out of nowhere my co-worker says, “Water is like boneless soda,” and I thought it was the weirdest, yet funniest thing he’s ever said because the phrasing was wrong, but I completely understood his quirky metaphor.

Objective and Goals

As stated in my marketing plan, the objective of this campaign was for the tweet to gain virality due to its comedic content. The goal was to receive a minimum of 10 twitter engagements. Twitter engagements translate to the number of detail expands, profile clicks, replies, likes, and retweets. In other words, engagements are the number of times a user has interacted with the tweet. The ultimate goal for this campaign was to reach over 20 engagements. In my original marketing plan, I stated over 40 engagements, but I meant over 20.

Metrics Report

Total number of engagements: 21

  • Detail expands: 11
  • Profile clicks: 5
  • Replies: 2
  • Likes: 2
  • Retweets: 1

Engagement rate: 10.7%


My strategy for this campaign was to promote the tweet on various social media platforms in order for people who do not follow me on twitter to see and interact with my tweet. I initially posted this tweet on November 10th to see if it would receive some engagement and from that initial post, the tweet gained 11 engagements, ranging from replies likes and detail expands. Once I started the campaign, I began to promote the tweet on other social media sites. At the start of the campaign, I shared the tweet on my Facebook page because I have more of a following on that site compared to others since it was my main social media page. I simply told people to follow my twitter because others may not have known about my account and share or like the tweet. After that post, I gained 7 more engagements. A couple days later, I shared the tweet on my Instagram page, but I took it upon myself to tag BuzzFeed into the post in hopes of getting promoted and featured on their page. When I tagged them I said, “Isn’t water a glorious thing?” This attempt did not seem to work because I did not receive a comment, reply, or featured on their page. I also did not gain more engagements considering I have less of a following on my Instagram page. Since tagging BuzzFeed on Instagram didn’t work, I decided to tag them into the thread of my tweet. I went back into the tweet thread and tagged them saying, “life’s finest beverage?” I even included a gif of someone drinking water saying, “Get hydrated.” This attempt also did not receive attention from BuzzFeed or engagement from any followers. As a last resort towards the end of my campaign, I promoted the tweet on my Snapchat. After this attempt, I received a couple more engagements which brought me to a final total of 21. The most success I had with this campaign was when I shared the tweet on my Facebook because I had a larger following on that page. My attempts with tagging BuzzFeed failed, but I gave it a fair shot. If I had completed this campaign differently, I would’ve tried to gain a larger following on my other social media platforms beforehand because I think that was my biggest downfall. The tweet also could have been tweaked to make the content more unique, but still providing that punchline.


The goal of the campaign was to gain a minimum of 10 twitter engagements, and I achieved that goal when I initially posted the tweet. As for the duration of the campaign, I did not go viral but I was just able to reach my ultimate goal of over 20 twitter engagements.


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