Wood Viral Content Challenge

“Just your daily reminder that I’m an immigrant to this country but no on gives a sh*t because I’m white! Real sick of people pretending they’re not f*cking racist!”


This was my tweet. It received 32 likes, 2 replies, 269 impressions, and 93 total engagements, according to twitter.


I decided to go with commentary for my tweet. My personal style of humor has always been dry and sarcastic, and I’m incredibly invested in the current political climate, so this assignment gave me a chance to come up with personal commentary with a hint of very dry humor.

I tried to market this tweet to places like Buzzfeed and the Huffington Post. I chose these places because they are organizations who distribute news, specifically political news, but they also have a left-leaning tone that neither organization is shy about.

I thought that left leaning, social-justice type of attitude would make my tweet marketable to these platforms. I believe the reason my tweet did not get shared on these platforms was the use of swear words. I understood while drafting my tweet that this would disqualify it from posting on some platforms, but I needed to make clear how passionately I feel about the issue of racism in immigration policy.

If I were to do this project again, I would use a tweet with similar commentary but with a softer delivery. I think this would give it a better chance of being retweeted and shared out on larger accounts with a wider audience. I would not, however, change my stance, as I think plenty of left leaning organizations have twitter accounts with large audiences.


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