What is A Meme?

An internet meme is an imitation of a humorous image that is then shared for social media users to pass along to one another. Although there are millions of humorous internet memes, there is a fine line between getting the funny side of a meme just right before they start becoming offensive to certain individuals. I find that the intentions of most memes are simply to get laughs out of the audience, however I have come across a few that make me go back and question the true significance of them.

I came across this meme on Twitter, and I quickly had a feeling that this joke could be hitting a bit too close to home for those being directly affected by the Corona virus. I not only found those directly affected to find offense, but even individuals of Chinese descent could be wondering if that meme was completely appropriate to post online.

The second meme I wanted to discuss is a bit more wholesome in my perspective. I personally enjoyed this particular meme because I found it harmless and relatable. When I think of internet memes, the second meme is definitely a perfect example of what I would think resembles a humorous yet harmless meme on social media.

Memes are meant to be entertaining and just for laughs, not for degrading or shamefully talking down on others. I am just hoping that internet memes stay harmless for the sake of keeping their reputation at a high standard!


One thought on “What is A Meme?

  1. Hi Madeline,
    I agree with the idea that sometimes memes can go too far with the joke, and cross that line of just being racist and no longer humorous. I think this is something that is commonly debated, some people tend to think they are funnier because they use “edgy” jokes when in reality they are just offensive. The wholesome meme you hyperlinked is the kind of humor I like as well, because it is not edgy, it is just funny.

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