What is a New Approach to Attracting Subletters?

A common misconception in the college community is that finding subletters is doable. Many people want to travel abroad but don’t get the opportunity to do so because they can’t find anyone to rent their apartment while they are gone. This video will help show you an alternative way to attract renters that doesn’t include the common method of posting pictures and information on Facebook. It provides  a real life successful example as well.

One thought on “What is a New Approach to Attracting Subletters?

  1. Emily – This is such a creative post. I’m not going abroad but I think that a video is a great way to get people to be interested in subletting your apartment. It’s definitely unique. I like how you included your own video that you used at the end of the video. I would maybe have put it more in the middle of your “how to” video so that you weren’t just talking at the camera for the first bit. Other than that, great job!

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