“When you try a DIY face mask” Buzzfeed Video Sasha Levin

“When you try a DIY face mask”


Of the enormous DIY beauty/makeup audience on social media and YouTube, the majority of people sharing content are the gurus who zoom through their projects with perfection. It’s rare to see the other side of everyone who doesn’t have the skills of a social media beauty guru.
Strategy/Audience Target:
Why? According to recent studies from the NPD Group (a market research company), face masks have proven to be progressively popular within the millennial age group.
Millennials are buying more face masks over any specific anti-ageing products, with sales literally doubling over the last couple of years.

Members of YouTube Beauty Community and teenage girls (YouTubers are on Facebook too)

In 2015, 45.3 billion views on beauty related Youtube videos were recorded and more than 10 million total beauty subscriber-ships. https://www.pixability.com/industry-insights/beauty-youtube-2015/

The DIY trend has become more popular although it can seem out of reach for people who aren’t as crafty.

Analysis & Metrics: Views-wise, underperformed. (11 FB views, 10 YouTube) Although BuzzFeed recommends silent video for Facebook, class critique recommended to insert “Ding” noises to help break up video. Video needs to be shorter for Facebook, in which time to hook viewer is short. Ella Mielniczenko, Executive Producer at @buzzfeedvideo, appreciated gross-factor but also said it needed to be faster.

Goal(s) (primary outcome)

• To show a different spin on the DIY face mask trend (Beauty Fails, not Beauty hack) in a relatable, funny way

Objective: Get shared on Buzzfeed BFF and go viral.

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