Which Doctors Sparked a Twitter Feud?

President Trump let his finger slip while retweeting a call to fire Dr. Anthony Fauci. Anti-vaccine activists didn’t waste any time gaining #FireFauci the #1 trending spot on Twitter.

The argument circles Fauci’s support of vaccinations and Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai, a controversial scientist pushing claims that a vitamin regime can prevent and treat the coronavirus.

David Harris, a conservative political activist, reinforces his faith in President Trump, spreading the #FireFauci message.

DeAnna Lorraine, a conservative politician states Fauci has spent a long time working under political administrators… too long to sit comfortably with Lorriane.

Dr. Shiva was also quick to jump on board, not only attacking Fauci but also making sure to mention the Global Vaccine Action Plan.

Liberals seem quick to forgive Fauci, respecting his apology.

Others are recognizing Trump may be trying to reinforce his conservative following by jumping on the #FireFauci bandwagon.

Marco Rubio, the U.S. Senator for Florida, tries another approach by stating Fauci is not the only one who has made a mistake during this time.

Which side to choose? That’s for you to decide. However, the World Health Organization continues to support vaccinations and even estimated the vaccines have prevented over 10 million deaths from 2010 to 2015.

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