#YesAllWomen – Story Behind the Hashtag

The hashtag #YesAllWomen started on Twitter as a social media campaign for women to share stories and examples of misogyny and violence against women. A Sysomos MAP analysis shows how much of an impact #YesAllWomen had on the conversation of modern-day gender discrimination.

The most retweeted Tweet:

The #YesAllWomen hashtag has had an international reach, but the majority of tweets came out of the United States, western Europe and Australia.

In the Buzzgraph, the keywords that most often stem to other subtopics within the #YesAllWomen social media campaign are words such as “feminism,” “women” and “rape.”

In the World Cloud, because many of the tweets (including the most retweeted tweet) include hyperlinks, “http” is most prominent, but other words such as “waronwomen” and “weneedfeminism” stand out aside from “yesallwomen.”

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In more recent months, the hashtag has been hijacked by those who try to dismiss the stories of misogyny women have chosen to post on Twitter. These people who have taken over the hashtag will include the conservative hashtag “#tcot” which stands for “top conservative on twitter” and as a result, this hashtag has taken over many of the words that are normally associated with #yesallwomen. What is evident here by the Sysomos analysis of #yesallwomen is that the hashtag has become a battleground of gender equality and representation.

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