Sick of Nasty Community Fridges?

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Are you trying to save money and cut down calories during the day? Do you have trouble finding space in your office’s community refrigerator? If you answered yes to both of those questions, then a locker fridge is the product for you! This product will be implemented in office spaces to provide a safe and sanitary storage facility for your midday meal. Learn more here!


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3 thoughts on “Sick of Nasty Community Fridges?

  1. This is so cool Adrianna! Love the idea and the product sounds awesome, but the post itself is great too. The title easily drew me in based on the annoying community fridge I had to deal with all summer. I love that you asked a question and I answered yes. The thumbnail to the video makes me interested as well. Content wise, I think you did a great job of explaining the product without making it too long or too boring. I would have loved to see footage of a prototype or some variety in shots. Good work!

  2. Hi Adrianna! First of all I love the idea of the locker fridge, this idea solves a problem that professionals who work in offices face everyday, whether it be people taking food that is not theirs or even dirty/smelly fridges. You did a great job explaining the locker fridge and the benefits a product like this could have for people. I also like the drawing of the locker fridge on the black board behind you, being able visualize the product helped me understand it more!

  3. I think this is an awesome idea! I think you did a great job using a catchy title to draw the reader in and the visuals in the video are great as well. The idea was also very well presented and professional, which made it very watchable. Nice job!

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