Personal Influence Growth and Analysis/Top 10 Tweets (But Mostly “Bates Motel”)

Part 1: Influence: Followers: January 20th: 1 follower April 20th: 71 followers Percentage of growth: 7000% increase Klout Score Change: January 27th: 13.78, April 27th: 41.84 KLOUT ANALYSIS: I began this semester without engaging with my Twitter at all, so my klout score increased from 13.78 to 15.99 within those first 6 days just because […]

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Twitter Conversation: #BerkeleyProtests

In recent news, there was a gathering of Trump supporters in Berkeley, California for a ‘Patriot Day.’ Counter protesters showed up shortly after word of the gathering and police were stationed and ready for whatever could happen. Before turning violent, counter protesters were sending encouraging messages and spreading positivity. Just another #mondaymotivation in #berkeleyprotests #homesnotdrones […]

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Conti’s Viral Content

“You need to do some meme research,” was not the first thing I would expect to come out of the mouth of one of my professors at the Newhouse School. But then again, this is 2017, this is public communication, and especially in the context of COM 427 – anything goes. Sometimes you need to push […]

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