COM400: Viral Video Campaign Report

Background Every day of the week can be described in a few words but why not portray the feelings of each day through GIFS, more specifically Disney GIFS? Disney characters are always trending on social media. This viral video is meant to describe each week day through several Disney/Pixar characters that many people know and love.  […]

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Viral Video Results

For those of you still searching for your starting five this cuffin season, here’s a starter kit to help you get in the game. “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t shoot” – probably DJ Khaled #cuffinseason #shootyourshot Posted by Tauri Janee on Thursday, November 30, 2017 Cuffing Season is a trend in Black […]

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Viral Video Conclusion and Report

Who Can Relate? Monday vs. Friday BuzzFeed BFF #NHBuzzFeed Posted by Jacqueline Kane on Wednesday, November 29, 2017   Background: I wanted to do something that was relatable to everyone. In developing the idea for this meme, I thought a good topic idea would be x vs. reality. And then I decided to make Instagram […]

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Report Viral Video Content Challenge

YouTube link: Background:  Even for those in relationships, dates are pretty uncommon in college. No one has money, time or wants to put in any real investment or commitment to another individual. Once in a while, dates do happen in college. However, even when college students try to go on dates, the reality of what […]

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