A Newbie Trying Twitter

This class was my first real experience using Twitter. I started from a completely blank slate and at the start of the semester with 0 followers. Over the course of the semester, my follower count slowly grew and today I have reached a total of 27 ¬†followers.¬† When I created my profile, my follower count […]

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Lucky 13 (followers, that is)

A surprise to both you and I, at the start of the semester, I did not have a Twitter account. Why, you ask? Simply put, I have never felt capable of truly capturing my voice and tone through Tweets as well as I know I can on social media platforms like Instagram and Pinterest. Additionally, […]

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Who Wants to Be an Influencer??

I created a my first ever Twitter account for the purpose of the course. I started the account with one follower and I followed about 30 people including friends and celebrities. Since starting the account in August, I have gained 46 followers and am following 70 people over the course of 97 days. My percentage […]

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NHsmc Influencer

Influence & Analysis: As a student in COM427 in the fall of 2019, I created a new Twitter account and joined the Twitter community this past August. As the course went on, I didn’t really engage much with influencers and political or entertainment accounts, and mostly stuck to following people in the class or my […]

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Becoming A Media Influencer

Part 1: Influence The world of media influence was more of a trial and error task than I had initially realized. Although many influencers do just “get lucky” with a specific post that ends up going viral, there are certain tips and tricks that are more likely to get more attention from an audience. These […]

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How I Became a #Influencer

Starting this class, I did not have a twitter account. I started fresh with zero followers and now I have 23 which is a 2300% growth! The account name is @emilyskilman. I think that this is pretty good considering that this account was strictly made for the class. I believe that if I had used […]

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Influence Growth Analysis

Olivia Johnson COM427¬† 12/02/2019 Twitter: Followers at the start of the class = 20 Current number of followers: 248 Percentage of Growth: 1,140% I believe that the biggest reason for my 1,140% followers increase was the time that I took to follow a lot of people in my network. I think that following other people […]

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