2020 Land Rover Defender Trend Analysis

I used the boolean phrase (#2020Defender OR “2020 Defender” OR “All New Defender”) -(“Lacrosse”) to analyze media buzz around the new Land Rover Defender.

At this date range, conversations around the Defender were declining. However, the massive spike on 9/27 is due to the announcement of a remote control driving feature in development for the Defender. Clearly, an exciting topic that helped rekindle interest.

The geographic map is telling of the Defender’s relevance in different markets. The suspense of its return, coupled with an aggressive launch campaign targeted at the U.S., explains why it was so talked about here. Australia taking second is logical because the utilitarian Defender has been a mainstay there for years thanks to its ruggedness. The Land Rover prestige that makes Saudi Arabia one of its biggest markets and the fact that it’s a proudly British company explains why SA and the UK are close behind.

The word cloud is dominated “Land Rover,” predictably. Stuart Frith and Remote Control are seen multiple times since because Stuart was the product engineer who spoke to news outlets about the new technology. “Jeep” also appears since the Wrangler is often compared to the Defender due to both models’ extensive heritage.

The Buzz Graph was where I, unfortunately, discovered too late, a flaw in my boolean expression. I didn’t account for the abbreviation “LAX,” which allowed Lacrosse posts to make their way past -(“Lacrosse”), which explains the presence of “Athletic” and other unrelated words. The buzz graph was heavily influenced by a popular Carscoops article that pit the new defender against the 2016 Defender Autobiography.


This was the most retweeted tweet within this time period. Based on the comments, it’s the visual impact that makes this post stand out against the myriad of stock Defender photos.


Nolan Olson

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