Twitter Reacts to the #TristianThompson Scandal

Earlier this week news broke that Tristian Thompson cheated on Khloe Kardashian, who is due to give birth to their daughter any day. When #TristianThompson started on Twitter, it was clear that people had varying thoughts on the subject.

There were people who had sympathy for Kardashian and believed no one should experience this heartbreak.

Then there were people who believed that this was karma for Kardashian dating Thompson while his ex was also pregnant.

And those who thought she should have seen it coming because of that.

There were also some who took the whole situation in stride and turned it into a form of comedy.

Because everyone has an opinion when it comes to anything involving a Kardashian, there were plenty of opinions to be had with this story. Still, whether you like the family to not, we should all have some form of compassion. For something like this to break days before you are supposed to give birth, a time where you should feel joy and love, would be devastating to anyone. And like it or not, the Kardashian’s are human beings and deserve the same empathy we would bestow on any other person in similar circumstances.


4 thoughts on “Twitter Reacts to the #TristianThompson Scandal

  1. This was really awesome. I enjoyed the use of humor and the topic relevancy. I think your perspective about recognizing how traumatic this news is while Khloe is bringing her new daughter into the world is the perfect narrative to leave the readers with.

  2. I’m actually in tears at the “#OntotheNextOne” tweet. With essentially every couple in Hollywood breaking up or confirming that there was cheating involved, they are truly shaping the already accepted public opinion that love is dead.

  3. I liked how you showed multiple angles of the story, not just for or against. I think many people would like to think that the Kardashians all have perfect lives, so when something like this happens people who love and hate them always go crazy on social media to try to make sense of what happened. You showcased the different reactions of Kardashian fans very well.

  4. Great tweet selection! I enjoyed how you broke down the different angles with solid, concrete examples that really supported your words. Nice sentiment at the end!

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