My Twitter Top 10

Over the course of this semester, I definitely grew more accustomed to Twitter as a platform. I was reluctant at first, grasping onto the comfort and familiarity of Facebook. But in the music and television industry, Twitter is King. I knew establishing myself in the “Twitterverse” would need to happen eventually. So, here are my top […]

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#BrusselsLockdown: The Internet’s Perfect Response to Terrorism

The situation in Europe over the past two weeks has been terrifying. It started with the tragic, ISIL-led terrorist attack leaving 130 victims dead across Paris. Then, as new intelligence information came in, anti-terrorism raids were carried out – resulting in shootouts and one woman in a suicide vest blowing herself up. There is still one individual […]

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Gatekeeping and Agenda-Setting in the 2016 Presidential Election

Social media involvement in presidential elections is nothing new;  it can be traced even farther back than 2008’s aptly-named “Facebook Election.” But over the years, social media strategy has progressed immensely, changing the landscape of influence for both candidates and constituents. Metrics like political polls and pundits are no longer the only measures of a […]

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