Campaign Analysis


  • Check how many views I have on Imgur after each post that promotes my meme.
  • Make sure that the meme gets shared on various social media platforms.
  • Take into account how many times the link to my meme gets shared, liked or commented on.
  • See if there is a difference in my view count after promoting it on various social media platforms (check if I received more views after posting on Twitter vs Facebook).

Imgur Meme 

Me when I try to binge watch Netflix…

Twitter Web-card

Twitter Ads Engagement and Spend 

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After creating my first campaign on twitter to promote my meme, I realized that although I did receive 1,440 impressions throughout my campaign, I didn’t receive as many views as I would’ve liked on my meme. I found that posts on Facebook to promote my meme worked significantly better because of the amount of close friends/family that I am friends with on the platform. Also, I rarely post on Facebook, therefore I felt that people were more likely to click on my meme from Facebook because they were surprised to see me post on the platform. I posted at least 4-5 times on Facebook to promote my meme. Something that worked on Facebook was the use of Facebook Groups where I was able to reach a select audience which drew in people who I may have not spoken to in a while, such as old high school friends. I felt that my view count increased after posting on Facebook, targeting people around ages 18-21. Since my mom also shared my post on Facebook she drew in her friends which targeted an older audience people ages 47-60.

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As for my achievements on sharing my meme to Twitter, I realized that someone who is verified on twitter liked my Twitter Web-card. I found that after posting my Web-card on Twitter that I got a few more fews maybe around 50+ views. Something that I would’ve done differently if I were to spend money on twitter ads, would to not spend all my $5 at once and to spread my money across a few posts.

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One last thing that I did to increase my view count on Imgur, was copy the link to a Snapchat and post it on my story. I included a picture of my friends dog to draw attention and wrote in tie-dye letters to attract more viewers to swipe up. The “Swipe Up” was a gif to encourage viewers to swipe and click the link to my meme on Imgur. I had around 250 views on the Snapchat story and as a result of the post I was able to get a few more people to click on the link if they didn’t view my post on Facebook, since a majority of the people I am friends with on Snapchat are Facebook friends of mine.

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To conclude on my findings from campaign, I received 1,440 impressions, 85 engagements and a 5.9% engagement rate on my post that was promoted in my campaign. I spent $5 on the one post. There were a few extra posts on twitter that were not paid for as well as my posts on other social media platforms such as Facebook and Snapchat.

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