Campaign Analysis


  • My “Finding Your Bae” content will be clicked, retweeted and shared across three social media platforms: Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Imgur during the eight-day period (11/5-11/12) with a 600+ overall millennial reach and engagement rate.
  • Millennials will be measured by the amount of their clicks, retweets and shares during the eight-day week.

Imgur Meme: 

When Bae Says Come Over!

Twitter Webcard:

Twitter Ads Engagement

Twitter Ads Engagement


My Campaign Analyzed

My “Finding Your Bae” campaign did extremely well. I received 618 views and over 1,000 impressions on Twitter. With my awareness campaign, I did a good job sharing my meme on platforms including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. I encouraged my friends to share my meme. With my campaign, I wish I made a meme that was universally understood. Only friends understood my meme and my mother and father couldn’t. I wish I created a meme that was simpler and easier to understand. Creating an easier understood meme would generate more Imgur views and increase my amount of impressions, shares, retweets and likes.

Final Engagement Number: 618 views on Imgur

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