Successful Viral Content Challenge


  • My personal objectives for the Viral Content Challenge were to reach at least 500 views of my meme on Imgur and at least 7 engagements on Twitter.

Imgur Meme

Viral Meme Challenge

Twitter Webcard

Twitter Ads Engagement and Spend

Viral Content Challenge Engagement


  • I am happy to report that the meme I created on Imgur exceeded 500 views. I earned 591 views on Imgur.
  • On Twitter, I did not go over the $5.00 budget.
  • I got 50,022 impressions on Twitter within the week that the Viral Content challenge was running.
  • To break down the campaign, I spent $0.10 per 1,000 impressions.
  • In reviewing the campaign, I have found many things that worked and many that didn’t in broadcasting and promoting my meme.
  • To begin, sharing my meme on Facebook was a big success. I know a lot of my friends liked/commented on my post, which also resulted in high click through rates, thus bringing in more views on the meme.
  • Sharing the meme on Twitter definitely helped my engagement and views on Imgur.
  • Part of my marketing campaign was to share my meme on Instagram. I believe sharing the meme on Instagram was not successful because I shared it on my stories. I have noticed that when you share something on your story rather than your grid, people tend to click to the next post rather than clicking through.

Final Engagement

  • 591 views on Imgur
  • 50,022 impressions on Twitter
  • Spent $5.00

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