Blog Post 3

The hashtag that I have decided to explain is #WHO and the dispute around whether or not the decision by Trump to halt all funding to the WHO (World Health Organization) is ethical or not. While many people believe that this was not a smart decision by the President, others have posted their concerns blaming […]

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WHO, what, when, where? How Trump’s rhetoric drives Twitter discourse about the World Health Organization

President Donald Trump announced Tuesday that the United States would withhold funding to the World Health Organization pending an investigation of WHO’s coronavirus response. Trump has been critical of WHO since the beginning of the novel coronavirus pandemic, claiming the global agency has had a “China-centric” approach to preventing the virus from spreading. The United […]

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Is Carol Baskin The Only Issue?

It’s the show everyone cannot stop talking about, Tiger King. I haven’t spoken to one person that hasn’t watched it or heard of it, and I can’t scroll through my social media without seeing conspiracy theories and thoughts on the documentary. As portrayed through these 6 tweets, most people are talking about Carol Baskin- the […]

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Is #OPENAMERICANOW a #Smart idea?

For about 2 months now, the main thing on the minds of Americans has been the COVID-19 pandemic sweeping the globe. With more Americans filing for unemployment than ever before, the hardest thing being hit by this virus (other than human lives, of course) is arguably the economy. With businesses shutting down left and right, […]

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Jeffree Star: Hero or Villain?

Due to the coronavirus’s immobilization of the American economy, celebrity Jeffree Star has donated money to those using #JeffreeStarApproved on Twitter through CashApp. Drop me your #cashapp and I’m gonna help as many people as my limit will allow today! 💚 Use hashtag #JeffreeStarApproved so I can see you! Just helped these amazing woman pay […]

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Marketing A Meme

My objective for this project was to just hit at least 100 views on my meme. I was expecting it to be difficult to draw a large number of views to Imgur because it was a platform I wasn’t familiar with and had never used before.   What I realized throughout this project is that […]

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