Follower Growth

Klout Score Analysis:

I created this account the first day of class so my inital Klout score was 0. I ended my semester with a Klout score of 32.7 with my account’s all time high being 34.2. This was nearly a 35% increase in my social influence within the short 3 month timeframe.


Follower Growth:

As I mentioned before, I just created this handle so I started with zero followers and ended the class with 68 followers. That is a 68% increase in follower growth.


What worked best for gaining traction and followers was when I interacted with reputable twitter accounts. I always gained new followers who were interested in advertising when I responded to AdWeek’s weekly twitter discussions. By posing and answering questions on these polls I was able to establish my account as a trustworthy and worthwhile account to follow. The other methods that increased my engagements, impressions, and followers was when I posted tweets accompanied with visual media including pictures gifs. I found that links without pictures accompanying them did not work as well for my handle and resulted in fewer engagements and impressions.

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