Tweeting Live From #NHsmc

Tweets from this Semester

Over this past semester, I have tweeted at least 4 times each week.  Below are my favorites as well as the tweets that received the most engagement determined by Twitter Analytics.


This tweet was sent during class when the class was discussing voice and social media.  It was a direct quote that still speaks to me because of the accuracy — Mercedes would never say “bae” in a tweet.  I was able to gain 3 retweets and 5 likes, 452 impressions and 20 engagements.

In September we were asked to create a media post.  I decided to do just that by taking two old photos of mine that I photoshopped over this summer.  I gained 4 likes, as well as 361 impressions and 23 total engagements. These are two of my photos and it was my top media tweet of September.

Never in my life have I made a GIF before this tweet.  So I decided to download a GIF making app, saved it to my phone and uploaded it to Twitter.  I was inspired in Bird Library when it was a bright sunny day and a tad early (even at 12:20pm).  My 5 likes appears to show I did a pretty good job for my first time by creating engagement from all aspects of Twitter and breaking out of my comfort zone.

As one of the first native videos that I have created using the in-app video, I was able to mix up my tweets with a video.  I was once again inspired by a late night at Bird and decided to take a video of freedom.  I gained 4 likes, probably because it is so relevant today — as I sit in Bird now writing this blog post.


This was one of the most exciting things that happened to me.  I was able to receive a follow back from Adweek after I sent out this tweet.  I had been tweeting previously with Adweek about their articles and one day during their Adweek Chat, I decided to ask for a follow — and got it!  I received a total of 551 impressions, and 7 likes. The fact that I was able to gain an Adweek still has me in shock.  Adweek is also one of my Top Followers


Breaking 60 on my Klout scores was one of my favorite things that happened as a result of COM 427.  I was able to raise my Klout score a total of 12.8 points this semester.  On this tweet I was able to gain 3 likes to date, 29 engagements and 297 impressions.

Despite the fact I sent this tweet at 1:51am, I was actually impressed that I gained 4 likes and 2 reply tweets.  I still need to use this hashtag since I find it increasingly clever and I don’t remember how I came up with it.  Maybe it will be something I pick up when I’m abroad in London.


I’d like to thank the alumni of Syracuse for this engagement as the tweet was directed to them.  This tweet to date gained 2 retweets, one from Professor Grygiel and the other from the NewhouseSU account.  I was also able to generate 5 likes.  According to Twitter Analytics it created 16 profile clicks, 9 hashtag clicks, generated 2,463 impressions and was my top tweet of  October.


Shortly after Twitter released their new feature of Twitter polls, Twitter then changed the option to favorite a tweet to liking a tweet.  Using emojis and the new features, I decided to take it to people of Twitter for how they felt.  I was able to gain 1 retweet and 10 votes.  I think this showcases the importance of staying relevant.

This tweet was inspired by the class discussion of becoming an activist.  I tweeted out to the Food Bank of CNY and generated 2 retweets and likes to date.  It has 401 impressions to date, and created 9 engagements.  This was also my top tweet of November as seen by Twitter Analytics.


Over this semester I tried new things and tweeted using new methods.  At the end of the day — I have to say I’m impressed with the work and engagement I have created.

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