Personal Growth and Analysis/Top 10 Tweets

Twitter Follower and Klout Score Growth Analysis

My Twitter follower growth from 1/20 to 4/20 was from 263 followers to 283 followers. I gained 20 followers over the course of the semester. This is a 8% growth.

The techniques that worked for me to increase my network was by retweeting and sending reply Twitter posts to influencers that I admire who are in the marketing and advertising communities. What also helped was that I followed everyone in the social media class, which I received a few follow backs from. I also believe adding pictures to my posts and adding at least two hashtags gave me some consideration from new followers.

My Klout score went up from 24 to 30. I believe my Klout score went up because I started to share hashtags that dealt with books and advertising during the semester. I believe if I continue to share my expertise in my interests of books and sports that I will increase my Klout score in the future.

Twitter Analysis

Below are my top ten tweets for the semester:

This was my top tweet for the entire semester. I received 152 earned impressions, 18 engagements, 11.8% engagement rate with one reply back and five likes. This post was my top tweet for the semester because my picture showcases an accomplishment I had that week. By using the #advertising hashtag, I picked up impressions from people within the advertising Twitter community.

This was my top media tweet for the month of April. I received 91 earned impressions, six engagements, 6.6% engagement rate with one like. I’m proud of this post because it showed off a daily ritual I engage with my friends on Thursday, which I call “Boothin’ it Thursday.” By adding in graphics and taking a screen capture from Snapchat, it made the scene come to life.

This was my top media tweet for the month of March. I received 145 earned impressions, 6 engagements, 3.2% engagement rate, and three likes back. This was one of my most successful posts because I shared a picture that was relevant to trending topic of #WhyILovePizza. The picture was a bit outlandish and stood out in the community who was following the trending topic.

This was my most popular tweet in February and my all-time favorite tweet of the semester. I received 108 earned impressions and four likes back. I believe the post grew my follower count because it was engaging GIF and it illustrated the fun I have with my friends during our break time on Thursday.

This was a post I shared over spring break and made me homesick. I received 102 earned impressions and two likes back. The post was engaging because I shared four different pictures to form a Twitter collage which gave the viewer a glimpse of what I do when I’m at the Jersey Shore.

This was my second highest post of the semester because I posted a Twitter poll using #TheAmericansFX hashtag an hour before a new episode of the show premiered. I received 140 earned impressions, 12 engagements, 8.6% engagement rate, one reply back and one like. The timing of this post definitely influenced the engagement rate I had. I’m glad I was able to get at least 8 votes from the Twitter poll. I know its a tactic I should use more often to join in the on the conversation of my favorite shows.

This I feel was my most underrated post of the semester. I received 69 earned impressions, 5 engagements, and 7.2% engagement rate. By posting Joe Biden eating a lot of ice cream with a tongue emoji, adding rich media influenced how people in my class engaged with the post.

This was my first throwback Thursday and I was surprised by the engagement since it’s a picture I took last semester. I received 68 earned impressions, 4 engagements, one reply, and one like back. I believe my picture with Jordan’s poster in the Dome combined with the #tbt hashtag allowed this post to get engagement within the #tbt community.

This was the post I learned from the most during the whole semester. I earned 133 earned impressions, 10 engagements, and four likes back. I posted this during the Newhouse Race and Media Event. I believe it got high engagement because I posted it about ten minutes before the event started. By adding the #raceandmediaSU hashtag, this allowed other Newhouse students to see the post in real time and see how excited I was for the lecture by Maria Hinojosa.

This was the post I was happy to share on Twitter because I found the Obama article by searching the #books trending topic. I earned 113 earned impressions. I was surprised I didn’t get any likes on this post, however I realize I was just starting to get more comfortable sharing posts with pictures in them on Twitter. I wanted to retweet the content with the #booksthatmatter because I wanted others to learn about the important books Obama recommended.


Overall, I’m proud of these top 10 Twitter posts I’ve shared over the past four months. I become more comfortable sharing pictures of himself, which led to higher engagement, especially in the month of April. One big takeaway I’m going to take from my Twitter activity is that I need to add more hashtags to my posts for them to be read by different communities. Also, I should be tweeting more at lectures or events I attend to join the conversation of the event. It is also a good idea for me to try doing another Twitter poll relevant to my interests in movies and TV.

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