How did Twitter feel about #NationalPancakeDay?

September 26th was National Pancake Day and Twitter was pouring the syrup on.

I delved into Sysomos to discover the sentiment, top tweet, geography, buzz words, and latest activity surrounding #NationalPancakeDay. Shown above is my boolean search terms. I added the original trending hashtag for the day as well as one of the terms in the hashtag and also a top pancake company in the United States.

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This is the latest activity around #NationalPancakeDay. The highest levels of activity were from 9am-3pm on the national pancake holiday.

This is the top tweet from #NationalPancakeDay. It garnered 338 retweets, 1.4k likes, and 52 replies on Twitter. It is easy to see why this is the top post as many people found the dog to be very funny. The account is @realrobinhood18 and the man who owns it has a dog named Robin Hood. The account has 3,780 followers on Twitter.

I also searched for pancake and breakfast chains on Twitter like IHOP and Denny’s. I discovered that IHOP has its own pancake day and Denny’s chose not to tweet about the day at all.

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Most of the tweets from #NationalPancakeDay came from the United States, but there was also a presence in the United Kingdom and Canada. This makes sense because pancakes are very popular part of American culture.

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As seen in this world cloud above, Twitter users described #NationalPancakeDay with words (and the emoji) associated with pancakes. This includes syrup, Texas pancake, IHOP, food, celebrate, breakfast, and favorite. Perhaps many people consider pancakes to be their favorite food or their favorite breakfast food.

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Similarly, this buzz graph details that people would use #NationalPancakeDay and mention topics such as celebrating the holiday, their own pancake recipes, and their favorite kind of pancakes.

Happy National Pancake Day 2019!


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