Influence Growth & Analysis

By: Caitlin Johnston

Part 1: Influence

Beginning Twitter followers: 335

Ending Twitter followers: 349

Percentage of growth: 4.2%

While my percentage of growth was relatively low, I was never really active or strategic with my Twitter before this class. I didn’t (and still kind of don’t) like using Twitter. Through the work we did in the class I did grow my followers a little and even had a verified account follow me (@jessicanaziri). Using hashtags and Twitter’s native tools really helped me gain traction and move up in the algorithm. When I engaged with those in the industry I wanted to be in I also received traction from those and was able to connect with some MAG alum.

Part 2: Execution

Below is an analysis of my top 8 tweets and the top 2 Instagram posts. All data is from Twitter Analytics and Instagram Insights.

Total engagements – 1,171

Impressions – 18,361

Engagement rate – 6.4%

This tweet is the most successful tweet of my account. I utilized Twitter’s native tools through the video I created and the caption. This helped Twitter recognize and prioritize my tweet. I also tweeted about 9 or 10 pm EST which is a couple of hours later than California, so the YouTuber in which I was interacting with was looking through her Twitter around this time (which I knew from watching her videos). This post received 75 likes, and Jess Conte (the YouTuber), replied to the tweet which got 2 retweets and 103 likes.

Total engagements – 188

Impressions – 1,947

Engagement rate – 9.7%

This tweet received 2 retweets and 15 likes. I incorporated a photo collage with two photos and hashtags related to Apple and Apple Watches. The hashtags brought traction from people who follow this technology which upped the number of likes I received.

Total engagements – 20

Impressions – 1,200

Engagement rate – 1.7%

This tweet received 2 retweets and 6 likes. I posted this around the time of the #NotAgainSU protests and discussions were happening. I used hashtags that were being used to promote the protests and that helped me get traction from those following the situation and some who were involved.

Total engagements – 5

Impressions – 1,035

Engagement rate – 0.5%

This tweet has 1 retweet and 2 likes. This is the second tweet of sharing this message from Simone Biles. I scheduled this one via TweetDeck a month later than the first tweet about this. The other tweet is seen after the tweet below this one. It was a quote tweet and I used hashtags surrounding the message and the issue of body image that the message addressed.

Total engagements – 25

Impressions – 804

Engagement rate – 3.1%

This tweet has 12 likes and the reply GIF has 1 like. I tweeted this after the Super Bowl and used appropriate hashtags to gain traction through this event. The added reply with the GIF helped bring more people to my tweet as well because it added another engagement factor.

Total engagements – 16

Impressions – 748

Engagement rate – 2.1%

This tweet has 5 likes. This was the first tweet of Simone Biles’ message on body positivity. It used the same hashtags, but had fewer impressions than that of the second tweet.

Total engagements – 3

Impressions – 733

Engagement rate – 0.4%

This was a quote tweet of Bachelor star, Tyler Cameron’s tweet. I used the #ICYMI caught the attention of Twitter users, but it did not receive much traction. I could have used a couple more hashtags to help draw people to it.

Total engagements – 13

Impressions – 732

Engagement rate – 1.8%

This tweet received 8 likes. I quote tweeted a video that I really related to. In order to get more engagement, I could have added more hashtags or emojis. I also could have created a derivative of this tweet with my own video to make it original and unique.

Total engagements – 14

Impressions – n/a

Engagement rate – n/a

Switching gears to Instagram, I did not succeed as well with this platform. This post received 13 likes and 1 comment. The comment was from a dog account who found my post through the hashtags I used. Using hashtags definitely helped my Insta posts get engagement from more people.

Total engagements – 13

Impressions – n/a

Engagement rate – n/a

Like the previous post, this post got 11 likes and 2 comments. The hashtags helped make the post visible to more people, and the emojis helped it become more engaging.

Throughout this course, I was able to expand my knowledge on how to curate posts on platforms to receive more engagement and gain more followers. I utilized these things in the posts and tweets I curated through using hashtags, engaging with people on Twitter, scheduling Tweets, and targeting specific communities to earn more engagement.

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