Viral Content Challenge

Objective-Marketing to promote my content in the hopes that it will go viral. I will spend a small amount of money on Twitter ads to promote the content and see if in the long run it increased the number of views.

college life man


I think there are things that worked and didn’t work in my campaign.  I think I created relatable content which really drove up my engagements.  I would up with 455 engagements, 4 retweets, and 68 favorites.  This definitely surpassed what I was expecting.  I think what went wrong was that I didn’t format the Twitter card correctly.  When you click on it you cannot see the full meme and therefore may cause some viewers not to look into it more.  I also think I could have promoted the tweet more.  I did put out a few tweets and imgur links, but I think doing this more would have helped me reach even more people.  The feedback I got was great, so I know that people out there really liked what I created. This makes me feel like I could have reached so many more people.  However at the same time, I am proud that I was able to create something that people thought was funny and actually enjoyed.  If I were ever to do something like this again, I would spend more time doing word-of-mouth promoting as well.  I sent out the link to friends and family and this helped drive up engagements.  If you ask someone to do something, most likely they will so I really succeeded with that.  I did better on Twitter with this meme rather than on  imgur so I think promoting it on imgur more would have really helped as well.  Overall, I think the campaign went well and I achieved what I was going for.

Final Engagement-455 Twitter Engagements, 443 Views


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