After two weeks of multiple hate crimes, Syracuse University administration still has yet to cancel classes. Many students agree that after the most recent shooter manifesto being airdropped around the library, the school should have cancelled classes by now until after Thanksgiving break. Additionally, student protests are being help in hopes of their demands being met by the chancellor. Students and professors of all races are uniting as one to show how they are standing up to the school until change occurs. These protests include dancing, singing, eating, speaking, and even silence; just until their voices against the hate crimes are heard.



On the other hand, the chancellor and his team seem to be acting as if what has been happening around campus is not a big deal. To some students, It feels as though the chancellor is not going to do anything to stop these crimes unless someone gets physically injured. Some students are very upset with the chancellor and have voiced their opinions through social media.

4 thoughts on “#NotAgainSU

  1. It is scary to think that a place we all call home can feel so dangerous within one day. I would have never expected this from SU and I am disappointed in the way the Chancellor and administration is handling the situation.

  2. Carly,
    I really enjoyed this post because it was both informative and personal. This hashtag and issue is something very relevant to us right now and I think it is important that people speak about it. It is really upsetting, but needs to be addressed, so I think it was smart of you to write about it. I really liked the tweets that you incorporated because they represented a lot of different perspectives and opinions about what is going on at our school. Overall, amazing job!

  3. I really enjoyed this post! I think it was informative, and stayed very neutral between opposing viewpoints. The tweets you included shed a light on the major issue that I believe the school has overlooked, keeping the students and faculty safe. Its crazy to constantly hear about the school shootings happening all around the U.S. , and to now be able to personally relate to the feelings of fear and helplessness.

  4. Hi! I enjoyed reading this post because it is very relevant and informative to our community. I agree with you that the chancellor has been ignoring the big problem that is going on in our community and should’ve acted more on it. I think the tweets that you used were very informative and helped explain the points you made throughout this post. Overall great job!

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