“Online Classes Be Like Meme” Campaign Analysis


The Brady Bunch is a very well-known show and the photo of the cast in the square boxes is an iconic image that I believe many people will instantly recognize. I added the text “Online classes be like” because of the nature of the current situation with most colleges transferring to online learning via zoom. There is a lot of meme content going around right now surrounding online classes and “zoom university” so I thought this meme would be a different take on it but still very funny and relatable. 


  • To gain at least 300 views on my meme on Imgur by the end of day on April 6, 2020.



I believe the content of my meme along with the timing of the post really helped my meme to succeed far past my objective of obtaining 300 views. After the first day alone, I had already obtained over 1,000 views and that was before I had implemented any of my marketing plan yet. As I implemented my marketing plan strategy, I found the most success to occur from Twitter. I was able to see that 23 people had engaged with my link and ultimately contributed to my views on Imgur. In contrast, the least successful was my snapchat post. I was not able to see how many people actually swiped up and clicked my link, I could only see the number of views. I was able to see how many people viewed my content on Facebook, however, like Snapchat, I could not see how many people actually clicked on the link. I did however, obtain a total of 173 views from both of my posts on Facebook, so I am estimating that had played a role in my end count of views on Imgur. If I could go back and tweak my marketing plan, I definitely would have cut Snapchat and focused more on Twitter to utilize the access of data you can see of the engagement on your tweets.

Final Engagement Number

2,667 is my final count of views on Imgur. As far as derivatives, I did not see any posts that also used the Brady Bunch Image on Imgur, however, I did see one on Twitter that was referring to working from home meetings. 

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