Results of the Frankenstein meme

The meme:

Toilet paper is gonna be the new currency

Background on the Frankenstein meme:

The meme derives from a format from 2019 and it is a parody of Frankenstein. Frankenstein wakes up he says “Listen man you gotta stack up on toilet paper” and the Doctor responds saying, “Oh fuck I forgot to give you a brain.” This is a joke about the current situation the world is going through because everyone is buying toilet paper at a crazy rate. I wasn’t inspired by anyone else’s meme, I scrolled through existing templates and put something I thought was funny in it.

The objective of the meme:

My objective for this meme was 500 views and at least 10 upvotes.

What worked?

For me, the most effective form of promotion I did was on Snapchat. Since it was super easy to swipe up it didn’t take you out of the app, people were more likely to swipe up. Within an hour I got 75 more views than I normally would have. Another effective promotion was on discord. I am in a meme discord and I got a few people to engage with my meme there. One thing I didn’t think worked was twitter. I don’t think anyone that follows me uses Imgur, so it may have turned away a few people that may have interacted if it were just a twitter meme.

Final Engagement Numbers:

At this moment my meme has 3,395 views, 25 upvotes, and 3 downvotes.



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