#Zuckerbergtestimony: Senators Grilled Facebook CEO or Embarrassed Themselves

Different views about Mark Zuckerberg’s congressional testimony were formed on Twitter. I choose and search the hashtag #Zuckerbergtestimony to present different evaluation about the testimony which might decide the future direction of social media regulation enforced by lawmakers.

This tweet praised the significance of this testimony and affirmed the value of questions proposed by lawmakers.

This tweet specifically complimented Ted Cruz on his job in forcing Zuckerberg to admit Facebook has a bias problem.

However, most of the tweets under the hashtag #Zuckerbergtestimony question the value of questions proposed by lawmakers and further doubt their qualification in making regulatory laws about the internet.  For example, this tweet described the overall doubt about Senators.

This tweet gave a specific example to doubt the value of the questions.

This tweet mocked the Senators’ knowledge about the Internet.

Not limited to this testimony, this tweet stressed the seriousness of the adverse consequences caused by the old lawmakers’ lack of experience and understanding of modern technology.

Overall, on the one hand, people tend to agree that internet media platforms should be regulated in some ways; on the other hand, the ability of lawmakers to regulate is doubted.

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