Report on Viral Video: How to Prepare Cranberry Sauce

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Posted by Emily Magnifico on Tuesday, November 28, 2017

In the video, a can of cranberry sauce is walked from the cupboard to the trash, where it is unceremoniously thrown in. The text states, “How to Prepare Cranberry Sauce,” but is uploaded with the accompanying title, “Cranberry Sauce Preparation Hack.” The video is intended to speak to identity–cranberry sauce is a divisive dish at the holiday table, especially the canned variety. People tend to either love it, or hate it, and the video speaks to those who can relate to disliking it, while hopefully sparking emotion in those who do.

Roughly 80% of Americans celebrate Thanksgiving, when cranberry sauce is most commonly consumed (although it’s also a staple of formal Christmas dinners as well). With this in mind, under ideal conditions, the views should have been able to exceed at least 500,000-1,000,000, but within scope over 100 would be satisfactory.

At the conclusion of the marketing plan, as of 12:00AM on December 5, the video had 193 views and 5 shares (all by close acquaintances). It performed well enough within the limited social media following my personal Facebook possesses (966 friends). It was posted after Thanksgiving, and I wonder if it would have done better if it had been posted before the holiday, for while a seasonal staple, it is most closely related to Thanksgiving.

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