Viral Post Analysis

My total impressions from my twitter ad campaign was, 884. On Imgur, I got 184 views and 3 comments and from Twitter I got 9 total likes. I generated most of my impressions from my twitter campaign and I attribute that success to my audience selection. My Meme included an image of Will Farrell from Elf and also referenced Michael Buble. I knew that I needed an audience composed of holiday enthusiasts and a population that understands the reference to the 2003 movie, Elf. I selected an audience composed of college students, holiday enthusiast, and music lovers. My audience was selection, in my opinion, on the people that would feel the Elf reference is culturally relevant.I did not generate a lot of impressions on my twitter posts and Imgur link. I believe the lack of impressions is due to the fact that I included a specific date in the meme, which means it was only totally relevant on November 1st. Furthermore, I do not have a strong following on Twitter. I have discovered that a lot of people are “holiday haters”. On my Imgur post, I noticed that the comments I received were of people complaining that holiday cheer starts way too early. I think the fact I included a controversial statement was both a benefit and barrier of this post. Many people had strong feelings about this post, which encouraged the comments. If I were to improve upon this post, I would take out the specific date and include a more culturally relevant singer.

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