Report on Viral Post Challenge

BACKGROUND: Students are usually taking midterms this time of year. They are so busy during school that they don’t have time to look at their grades. During break, they realize how bad their grades are because they actually have the time to take a step back and see it from the big picture. My goal […]

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Viral Content Analysis

My great aunt showing up to the Holiday party empty handed: “the holidays are about more than just presents. Its about family, kindness, lov..” Me: Thank you, next. — Charly (@cbstamps) November 13, 2018 My tweet was, “My great aunt showing up to the Holiday party empty handed: “the holidays are about more than just […]

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Viral Content Challenge

When I see the one taught me love, one taught me patience, one taught me pain meme — Meredith Kava (@meredithkava) November 8, 2018   Final Metrics The tweet ended up receiving 602 impressions, 29 engagements, and 5 favorites. This did exceed my average metrics on Twitter. In the month of November – before […]

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COM600: Social Media Marketing Plan for “Winter Clothes in November?”

This tweet is centered around the grueling winters experienced in the northeast region of the US, especially, Upstate New York. A general observation of the winter attire worn by many of the students at Syracuse University indicates that many believe it is already cold enough for their heavy-duty winter attire. However, what many are either […]

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Viral Content Challenge

Tweet: Thanksgiving dinner:Aunt Janice: "Can you pass me a roll?"Me: "Are you suggesting you want me to get this bread?" — Emily Campbell (@emily_soup) November 8, 2018 Background: The tweet I created references an Internet meme that is trending around social media currently. The phrase, “let’s get this bread,” is a slang term for making money, […]

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Adulting is No Fun

Bills: Rent-$700 Car Note-$250 Insurance-$250 Gas- $75Groceries for the month- $300 Phone bill- $90 Wifi- $60= $1,725Pay Check from 2 weeks: $500 Me: I give up on Adulting, give me a drink. . . — Danielle Bulluck (@LiveWithDani) November 14, 2018   NAME: DANIELLE BULLUCK     [ADULTING 101]   Background IN SEARCH OF […]

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