The Zuckerberg Effect

All eyes have been on Mark Zuckerberg in light of the most recent Facebook and Cambridge Analytica scandal. As Zuckerberg faced Congress on April 10, 2018, people turned to Twitter to voice their opinions on not only his answers, but the lawmakers questioning him using #Zuckerberg.

One of the main concerns people had during the hearing didn’t evolve Zuckerberg, but rather the fact that a number of the Congressmen didn’t understand the basic functions of the platform.

Many called it a generational divide stating that lawmakers should have a basic understanding of technologies the majority of the population uses.  Users even used the hashtag as a way to motivate people to vote. However, some didn’t take the hearing as seriously, and applauded certain lawmakers.

Of course with any hashtag, users had to throw a bit of humor into the situation. An hour within the hearing, the Twitter-verse already a theory that Zuckerberg actually is a robot.

However, countless journalists took notes on the important details that were revealed about Facebook, and the how it gathers people’s data.

The Zuckerberg hearing perfectly personified how people turn to social media in major societal moments.

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