Welcome to the #CSTop10 (like #SCTop10, only with my name instead of SportsCenter…ok I tried.) In looking back to find my top 10 tweets, there was so much fun, interesting, and compelling content surrounding the tweets that brought back a lot of cool memories from all of our different Twitter assignments and the engagements that […]

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Ten Tremendous Tweets

Here There Be Tweets…10 to be precise. Over the course of this class, I, along with many others, have been tweeting using our class hashtag, and though I didn’t tweet as often as some of my classmates did, I think my overall engagement was respectable. Here are my top 10/favorite tweets: Cool piece by @BuzzFeed […]

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Top 8..No, that’s not right

Just an update: parent's weekend was successful, Syracuse has a new cheerleader @jmgrygiel pic.twitter.com/rtGs0cOciX — Kiara Bunting (@KiaraBunting) September 27, 2015 This post earned 18 engagements and 191 impressions. This being one of my first posts, I relied on positive content and photography in order to spike engagement. Additionally, the post included a tag of […]

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The Best of @FantaDickoSU

With every popular tweet, there’s a strategic reason on how it got so popular. Here are my popular tweets of this semester with an explanation  of how I executed the post as well as the analytics of the tweets:   Impressions: 528 | Engagements: 59 | Engagement Rate: 11.2% Evaluation: This tweet was popular because it relates to my twitter audience. My audience includes […]

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