@Maxdar94’s Top 10 Tweets

Over the course of the semester, I’ve had some Tweets get little to no attention and others get lots of attention. The content all came from my head, and there isn’t a theme behind them. Let’s get started with one of my favorites: Congratulations to @Liam_Sullivan_ for being elected the next President of Phi Delta Theta! […]

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Top 10 Tweets

By utilizing the strategies and tools taught in this course (COM 427: Social Media for Communicators), I have been able to transform my social media footprint. My perception and knowledge of current trends in social media has changed considerably over the past several weeks. I now understand the benefit in using targeted and strategic tactics in order […]

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@theSteinTimes Top 10 Tweets

Through the course of the entire semester, I began to grasp and understand how to better manage ‘social media’. At the beginning, only a few short months ago, there is no denying that I was wary of social media in general and tried to keep myself away and my personal information safe. Sitting here, typing […]

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GB’s Best of Fall’15

My top tweet of the semester was a picture at Ethan Zuckerman’s speaking engagement “Insurrectionist Civics & Digital Activism in the Age of Mistrust”. In the picture there are a few of my classmates, Ethan, and Prof. Grygiel. This post did particularly well because many of the people in the class retweeted or liked it, […]

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My Finest Final Ten

Fourteen weeks, forty-three students and one hashtag. Throughout the course, COM 427: Social Media for Communicators, countless tweets have been generated with hopes of teaching students how to engage with Twitter as a powerful platform. As the semester comes to an end, one that arrived sooner than expected, I have begun to reflect on my social media […]

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10 #Winning Tweets

Twitter was never my go-to social media platform. If I wanted to get a message out to a large audience of people I would go to another platform, such as Facebook, where I had a larger following. This semester we learned about and experimented with different ways to get a large number of impressions and […]

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My Top 10 Tweets

Throughout the course I have tweeted a lot, using the hashtag #NHsmc. Certain tweets have made more impressions and generated more engagement than others, due to different aspects of the tweet, including media content, hashtags, and mentions. After analyzing the impressions and engagements of my tweets, I have collected my top 10 tweets of the […]

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The Art of Tweeting

Having “top tweets” are definitely difficult for someone who started her Twitter from scratch. Gaining engagements and impressions are not as easy as one would think, and one must always be strategic in what they say, hashtag, and include in tweets. Check out my tips for the best ways to gain influence and engagements on […]

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@emjaywatson’s Top 10 Tweets

The most successful tweet from this past semester that included the class hashtag was my tweet promoting a YouTube video made with a friend. This tweet currently has 757 impressions with 26 engagements. I knew any tweet in which I tagged my friend James would get engagements due to @GongoozleTV’s over 4,000 followers. Jame’s title […]

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