The Top 10: Twitter Edition

Throughout the entire semester, I’ve been regularly tweeting for my S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications class. In order to track our progress for the class all semester long, my fellow and students used the hashtag #NHsmc. Below are what I consider being my top ten tweets, for the effectiveness. I learned a good amount […]

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Welcome to the #CSTop10 (like #SCTop10, only with my name instead of SportsCenter…ok I tried.) In looking back to find my top 10 tweets, there was so much fun, interesting, and compelling content surrounding the tweets that brought back a lot of cool memories from all of our different Twitter assignments and the engagements that […]

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Ten Tremendous Tweets

Here There Be Tweets…10 to be precise. Over the course of this class, I, along with many others, have been tweeting using our class hashtag, and though I didn’t tweet as often as some of my classmates did, I think my overall engagement was respectable. Here are my top 10/favorite tweets: Cool piece by @BuzzFeed […]

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Top 8..No, that’s not right

Just an update: parent's weekend was successful, Syracuse has a new cheerleader @jmgrygiel — Kiara Bunting (@KiaraBunting) September 27, 2015 This post earned 18 engagements and 191 impressions. This being one of my first posts, I relied on positive content and photography in order to spike engagement. Additionally, the post included a tag of […]

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The Best of @FantaDickoSU

With every popular tweet, there’s a strategic reason on how it got so popular. Here are my popular tweets of this semester with an explanation  of how I executed the post as well as the analytics of the tweets:   Impressions: 528 | Engagements: 59 | Engagement Rate: 11.2% Evaluation: This tweet was popular because it relates to my twitter audience. My audience includes […]

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