Chick-Fil-A’s Breaking News

While browsing Twitter today I noticed the most trending hashtag happened to be #ChikFilA. After reading numerous tweets I learned about the issue at hand and am not surprised about the amount of controversy this topic is getting. To summarize, Chick-Fil-A has always had a reputation of being against the LGBTQ community and were supported by Christian Organizations (showing why they were closed on Sunday’s as it is “God’s Day”). Today Chick-Fil-A announced that they will no longer support organizations that do not support the LGBTQ community, therefore, cutting ties with many Christian organizations. This announcement spared multiple opinions and twitter was getting heated. As seen in the first tweet embedded, they support the movement Chick-Fil-A is making and is going against the Christian’s who are tweeting against them. We see a tweet opposing the first’s in the last three embedded tweets. These tweets are from people who are “disappointed” in the restaurant chain for supporting the LGBTQ community. These tweets all represent how divided our country is and how change needs to be made.

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