Campaign Analysis

Objective: My “Finding Your Bae” content will be clicked, retweeted and shared across three social media platforms: Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Imgur during the eight-day period (11/5-11/12) with a 600+ overall millennial reach and engagement rate. Millennials will be measured by the amount of their clicks, retweets and shares during the eight-day week. Imgur Meme:  […]

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Campaign Analysis

Objective Check how many views I have on Imgur after each post that promotes my meme. Make sure that the meme gets shared on various social media platforms. Take into account how many times the link to my meme gets shared, liked or commented on. See if there is a difference in my view count […]

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Successful Viral Content Challenge

Objectives My personal objectives for the Viral Content Challenge were to reach at least 500 views of my meme on Imgur and at least 7 engagements on Twitter. Imgur Meme Viral Meme Challenge Twitter Webcard Help me get to 500 views on this meme! #NHsmc #MemeDay — Nicole Pollak (@nicolepollakk) November 7, 2018 Twitter […]

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Campaign Analysis

Objective Gain 500 views on Imgur by utilizing Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat This will be measured by the amount of views, likes, shares, retweets, and impressions there are Imgur Meme   Twitter Webcard   Twitter Ads Engagement   My Campaign Analyzed I think my campaign did well could have done better. […]

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Making My Dog Go Viral

Marketing Plan Objectives At least 1000 views on imgur Gain 10 followers on Twitter Gain 15 followers on Instagram Twitter Impressions up by 15 % At least 5 website clicks via my Instagram bio Outcomes/Analysis As my final engagement number, I received 800+ views on Imgur. While I didn’t reach my total goal, I set […]

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#RealFriends Campaign Analysis

Have you ever had a friend that made a bad decision but you had to support them anyways? Supporting Your Friends Bad Decisions   Yeah.. most of us have been there. My meme highlighted the theme of #RealFriends and what that visually looks like. I believed that this Meme would gain engagement because it captured […]

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Yodeling Into Virality

My objectives for this project was to create a meme that would go viral and reach over 500 views on Imgur. The Yodeling Walmart Kid #NHSMC For this campaign, having others retweet my content via Twitter increased my viewership the most. I also retweeted my link and posted it on Facebook which improved my […]

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“I’m a Dawg” Goes Viral

Objective: The objective of my marketing plan for my viral meme was to reach 500 views on Imgur. Imgur Meme: I’m a dawg Twitter Webcard: When you're a really good boy, and also really good at closing. #dawg #closingtime #viralmeme #meme @NHsmc — Meg Kelly (@themegkelly) April 2, 2018 Twitter Ads: View post on […]

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