I feel ya Ja Rule…

Objective In the viral meme challenge, I created a meme that quote tweeted a funny tweet made by Ja Rule, one of the founders of the infamous Fyre Festival. The Fyre Festival was a fraud concert created by Billy McFarland with the help of celebrities, such as Ja Rule. After the entire scandal became public […]

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Trying to go Viral in 2019…

Going viral in 2019 is very difficult, there is so much content on the web that it’s almost impossible to create content that has the possibility of going viral without already having a large following. When starting the assignment, I only had 20 followers on Twitter and had never used Imgur before so it was […]

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Viral Challenge Pt. 2

Objective: My objective was to get this meme to 500+ views by sharing it on all different platforms of social media. An internet meme that inspired me to create one with a similar concept is this:               I feel that this meme is relatable to a lot of millennials […]

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Oh, boy! Let’s go viral!

Recently, I have heard many of my friends and classmates discussing upcoming date night parties that they were attending or had gone to in the past couple of days. One of my friends went to a date night last weekend and said the boy would not stop talking about his ex-girlfriend. Later that night, I […]

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