Viral Content Challenge: Big Mac

Background: Jim Delligatti invented the Big Mac sandwich 50 years ago. He recently passed away on November 28, 2016. The post was inspired by taking viewers down memory lane to see inventions/events that occurred after the burger was added to the McDonald’s menu. Objective: The main objective of this campaign is to promote an original […]

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Viral Challenge Part 2

Background : My post is about what its like growing up with siblings. I am one of 5 in my family so I thought it would be a great post to give a little bit of me and what is important to me and share that with other people. I also felt that this topic […]

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Viral Challenge: Part 2

A series of polls re. Christmas opinions. Objective: To develop audience identification, viral content creation, social media marketing, distributed content, engagement, and analytics skills. To connect with people who are excited about the festive period – I feel like a lot of people can identify with this post. Christmas #cake or #pudding? Buble or […]

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Music Hashtag Is Trending

Still listening the news songs released by Rihanna or Ariana Grandal? It is time to update your music list. MacKenzie Bourg, a contestant in popular TV reality show—American Idol, releases his original song, Roses on iTunes and brings over 40,000 tweets, using #BuyRosesOniTunes, to talk about the cute, adorable boy and his funny ice cream […]

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Twitter Influencer Post

I went from 7 Twitter followers to 21 Twitter followers, a growth of over 300%, which I felt was pretty solid considering I really didn’t use my Twitter for much else other than the course. It seemed clear to me that the types of posts that gained me attention, and possibly more followers were those […]

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Top Ten for Twitter!

10… GIFs took over social media for a period of time and I finally learned how to make one! By creating a GIF with my pet chinchilla named Scruffy, I gained two followers who are also chinchilla lovers! The hashtag #furfreeforever led these two new followers to my profile! Even though my tweet only got […]

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Twitter Influence Analysis

Influence Analysis: I am really happy with how I’ve grown this semester in COM 427. Prior to starting this course, I had a professional Twitter account and had several networking success stories. However, Social Media for Communicators has accelerated my growth and furthered my interest in a career in social media. My change from the beginning […]

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#YesAllWomen – Story Behind the Hashtag

The hashtag #YesAllWomen started on Twitter as a social media campaign for women to share stories and examples of misogyny and violence against women. A Sysomos MAP analysis shows how much of an impact #YesAllWomen had on the conversation of modern-day gender discrimination. The most retweeted Tweet: — Feminist Culture (@feministculture) December 20, 2015 […]

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Amanda’s Top 10 Influencers

I began the semester with roughly 80 Twitter followers and through some carefully crafted tweets and engagements on social media, as of this morning I have 200 followers. There were some tweets that worked more effectively than others. Here are the 10 most influential tweets using the #NHsmtp #HappyBirthdayYourMajesty 90 years young, 90 years #onfleek […]

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