Tiger King Causes Uproar on Twitter

It is no question that the Netflix series, “Tiger King” has quite literally caused an uproar (pun intended) during this quarantine period. There are several opinions floating around Twitter surrounding the show and it’s insane timeline of events. From viral memes to articles on The NY Times, the show has earned its fair share of […]

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Is Carol Baskin The Only Issue?

It’s the show everyone cannot stop talking about, Tiger King. I haven’t spoken to one person that hasn’t watched it or heard of it, and I can’t scroll through my social media without seeing conspiracy theories and thoughts on the documentary. As portrayed through these 6 tweets, most people are talking about Carol Baskin- the […]

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Which Doctors Sparked a Twitter Feud?

President Trump let his finger slip while retweeting a call to fire Dr. Anthony Fauci. Anti-vaccine activists didn’t waste any time gaining #FireFauci the #1 trending spot on Twitter. The argument circles Fauci’s support of vaccinations and Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai, a controversial scientist pushing claims that a vitamin regime can prevent and treat the coronavirus. […]

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Twitter Debates #TrumpPressConf

The following tweets show the debate happening on twitter under #TrumpPresConf. Yesterday, President Trump announced he will half funding to the World Health Organization and this has caused quite a debate about whether this was the right call. One one side, people are scared and WHO has been their one hope that there will be […]

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Two Sides and the Truth: #FireFauci

The hashtag #FireFauci started on April 13th after President Trump retweeted a tweet. Fauci is the lead scientist in the fight against COVID-19. Some of his supporters agree with the idea that Fauci should be fired, while others believe firing him would cause chaos. Some of Trump’s supporters are blindly following his lead. Anyone else […]

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Ticketmaster’s Unethical New Policy

With the recent outbreak of COVID-19, many artists have cancelled or postponed their upcoming live shows. As a result, ticket brokers have seen a decline in ticket purchases. However, Ticketmaster, a direct ticket seller, is also feeling this sting.. Due to this, Ticketmaster has chosen to quietly change its refund policy. Previously, the company would […]

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