Influence growth analysis

I started this semester with 16 twitter followers and as of yesterday, that number had risen to 26 over the course of the semester. The followers seemed to be a mix of people who I got to know in class and my friends who started to follow me when I started up again. Most of […]

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Influence and Growth Analysis

Over the last semester, I created a new Twitter account. While following the instructions of Professor Grygiel, I saw just how impactful social media can be– and while I didn’t become an influencer, I certainly learned a lot along the way. My Influence At the beginning of the course, I started with exactly zero followers. […]

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A Semester of Growth on Twitter

At the beginning of this semester, I entered the class with 147 twitter followers. I had begun my twitter account about three years ago for the primary purpose of using it as a journalist; prior to this semester the vast majority of my tweets were news related with the occasional retweet of sport or comedic […]

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Influence Growth & Analysis

Influence: Twitter Follower Growth Start of the course: 7 followers End of the course: 42 followers Percentage of growth: 83% I think what worked for me early on was the amount of posts we were asked to compose. The assignments were fun to do and they gave me the opportunity to think outside the box. […]

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